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God Said That? So What? - Harold J. Sala

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Author: Harold J. Sala
Pages: 302

What is the most important book in the world? It is not surprising if you answer "The Bible". Most homes have a copy or two of this consistent bestseller throughout history. But do people read and believe it enough to do what it says? Furthermore, how can you be sure that the Bible hasn't become corrupted with the passing of time, that recent "discoveries" haven't disapproved what this Book says? 

Harold Sala tackles these tough questions head on and leads you to walk across the following solid bridges to Bible confidence:

  • The Bridge of Uniquness
  • The Bridge of Manuscript Evidence
  • The Bridge of Archaeology
  • The Bridge of Fulfilled Prophecy
  • The Bridge to Truce with Science

Prepare to be moved and challenged as you also read the powerful testimonies of how the Bible changes lives. It's about time you go from saying "God said that? So what?" to declaring "God said that! I believe it!"

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