The Bible: A People Listen to God - Joan Baro I. Cerqueda

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Author: Joan Baro I. Cerqueda
Illustrator: Maria Rius & Ignaci Ricart

The Bible tells the story of the people of God: a testimony of events witnessed by the people of the day. In The Bible: A People Listen to God, Joan Bar¢ i Cerqueda, a specialist in children's literature, along with illustrator Maria Rius, reveals the wonders of the Bible to children in language that is both captivating and easy to understand. Written in a direct style of narrative and dialogue, 

The Bible: A People Listen to God fosters in children ages 10-14 a love and appreciation for the Bible while preparing them to read an unedited version of the Bible in the future. Beautifully illustrated throughout by Maria Rius, whose pictures convey tenderness and humanness. Many story details can be learned through the illustrations alone. The text is divided into two parts: the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. Chapters in the Old Covenant are "The Roots of a People," "The Birth of a People: The Exodus," "The People Want a King: David and His Descendants," "The People of Israel in Exile," "The Return to the Homeland: The Reestablishment of the People." Chapters in the New Covenant are "Jesus of Nazareth: The Proclamation of the Kingdom," "Jesus of Nazareth: Death and Resurrection," and "The Apostles Proclaim Jesus' Death and Resurrection. "This is an outstanding contribution for assisting children in encountering the Catholic Bible." Dan Thomas, Review Editor Catechist"

This is not a collection of Bible stories for children. Rather, excerpts from the actual biblical text are there rendered in a way that is intelligible for children, yet faithful to the original story. The narrative selections chosen preserve the biblical story's dynamic character. The accounts are further interpreted by the delicate yet lively artwork that is so generously placed throughout the book. Children will love both the stories and the pictures. This edited version should well prepare them for a later appreciation of the full biblical text." Dianne Bergant, C.S.A.

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